Business Fields

Strategic Development

Building a reliable and State-of-the Art Strategy is crucial to successfully master the challenges of modern hospital management.
MedAdvisors offers proven planning methods of the medical service spectrum within specific jurisdiction and optimal planning of resources.
Especially economic consolidation needs differentiated diagnosis of weak points (e.g. medical service spectrum, quality, costs and proceeds) and strong strategy for guidance. MedAdvisors generates models of economic key figures of each service spectrum based on the DRG-renumeration.
Constant process optimising resulting in best practice in treatment quality, working conditions and efficiency is the overall aim of a strategy framework made by MedAdvisors.

With its proprietary inventory of methods, MedAdvisors has created a process that enables a holistic assessment of the current situation and thus competently meets the challenges of the short- and medium-term future revenue needs.
The standardized analysis of routine data allows for a regular review of identified strategic measures as well as monitoring of their implementation. Setting up an overall strategy is the basis for further development of structural optimization of personnel and functional aspects, but also for communication and marketing strategies.

Reorganising and
Process Optimising

High quality and economically efficient patient care is a result of highly efficient processes that focus on patients’ needs and well-being. Optimal designed, functional workspaces for hospital employees is another undeniable requirement for quality medical treatment and care.
MedAdvisors evaluates and prioritizes processes and responsibilities. MedAdvisors also develops concepts and implementation plans for centralisation and rescaling of administrational departments.

For an efficient monitoring of all current processes and upcoming changes MedAdvisors created the unique tool KAVION®  - a transparent and insightful reporting system. Meaningful and individual KPIs are set up for all areas of action: Primary (patient care), Secondary (logistic laboratory, radiology), Tertiary Sector (administration).
This is how we enable effective corporate management in hospitals.

MedAdvisors supports the creation of a transformation program with prioritized solutions for a Management and Controlling System.
Vital starting points of the reorganization are:

  • Exemplary starting points of the reorganization are:
  • centralisation of administrative departments
  • Establishment of adequate organisational structures/responsibilities
  • structuring the tasks 
  • Establishment of a transparent reporting system
  • Implementation of key performance indicator systems for controlling
  • Harmonisation of administrative units with medical efficiency

Master Plan and
Business Organisation

A customised and regularly updated Master Plan is the basis for developing optimal business organisation. It will also establish both functional and attractive workspaces for employees in an economical way.
MedAdvisors provides a state-of-the-art analysis and planning methods for room distribution and reliable scaling of hospital resources, departments and waiting rooms. We also provide information on the required medical equipment, space utilization statistics and predictive modelling of future requirements in the healthcare sector.

Together with the people who work in these areas we define space requirements and will design an effective business organisation. All office engineering building drafts are produced in co-operation with architects well known in this field.
Our work focuses on improved processes and effectively organised working spaces that will provide the best conditions for high quality patient care.
As a result, the correlation of treatment/care areas is adjusted to provide interdisciplinary work spaces that are consolidated into efficient manageable spaces. This action will then lead to the improvement of the economic effectiveness of the secondary and tertiary sector.

Based on forecasts for the core areas, we will define the required space for patients’ rooms of all levels of care, the operating theatres and the emergency rooms for examination and treatment.
To be able to make a cost estimates, a qualitative framework must be established. In our comprehensive database we will find the appropriate references for you. A first schematic drawing of future structural developments is created by the “surface frame program”. This will produce a surface layout as the first functional floor plan sketch.

Regardless of whether it is a remodelling in the existing building, an extension or partial replacement or a complete new building - all new structures are mapped in the floor plan. Due to their impact on the capacity planning, construction workflows during ongoing hospital services are also presented at an early stage. After completion of these documents, the investment cost forecast is calculated incorporating these defined parameters.