kavion® – Business Intelligence for Hospital Management

All our efforts aim at enabling clinic management to cut through the complexity of hospital management tasks and find solutions for major challenges as well as specific and temporary issues.
Based on our result-oriented approach we designed and engineered a revolutionary business intelligence tool for hospitals: kavion®.
Reflecting our experience and expertise in relevant multidimensional key performance indicators, kavion® enables us and our clients to quickly find the issues in need for action.

kavion® clearly identifies strong and weak points, shows the causes of imbalances, interdepending effects and adapted benchmarks.
kavion® provides deep insights and multidimensional knowledge about a hospital in just a few minutes and displays relevant information in a new and intuitive way.

Never before has it been so easy to monitor short-term changes and long-term trends. kavion® enables you to use your time to schedule main tasks, to design solutions and to communicate goals.

In cooperation with our clients, we are continuously improving and developing kavion® further. Find out more about kavion® on www.kavion.de

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